Johnny Manziel Party Train Continues In Toronto

Trying to score some white up north T…

Johnny Manziel doest care what anyone thinks, he’s gonna party till the wheels fall of. We just received this from out tipster “Got a picture of Johnny Manziel partying up in Toronto today (Saturday) at a place called Cabana poolbar. He declined photos as he was drinking right out of a bottle of Moet.” This guy is relentless, but weren’t we all at that age.-TO

  • LBD

    Man, he looks like he’s really going wild here! Par-tee Paaar-teee!
    Note: the people who send these photos in as “partying up” must have the lamest social lives known to man.

  • matt

    I would think its more lame to be reading a sports gossip website

  • matt

    Hopefully he doesn’t let his off season activities effect his play. He should take notes from Gronk

  • John

    Manziel was a guest in Kleen Media’s cabana.

  • Escobeats

    He’s gonna ruin his career fast if he keeps drinking.

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