JJ Redick May Be Aborted by the Clippers?

Say what T...

Say what T…

Sometimes your past can affect your future. This could be the case for the Clippers sharp shooter JJ Redick, who may be in danger of losing his spot on the team. Our inside source from Clippers camp tells us, “The Clippers are worried that JJ Redick’s negative press lately could be bad for the team. After the Lamar Odom scandal the team doesn’t want anything to do with negative press. I know the main issue with the team is the rumor of physical abuse from Redick to Vanessa Lopez when she was pregnant. If she confirms that is true, it’s over for him. Honestly no team wants that kind of guy on their team. Just ask Chad Johnson.” said our source. Redick still has one of the best shots in the league, so I’m hoping the Clippers could figure out a way to work through his recent troubles.-TO

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