Jerry Buss Nearing His Death Bed?

November 12, 2012 at 11:33 am by Terez in Jerry Buss, Los Angeles Lakers

I’m gonna keep fighting T…

The Los Angeles Lakers have dominated the headlines this past week. Firing their head coach Mike Brown only 5 games into the season, and the subsequent search for a replacement coach has put the focus smack dab on Jim Buss, the son of Lakers owner Jerry Buss — However, the real turmoil inside the Lakers organization is the health of Jerry Buss. The Lakers owner underwent a surgical procedure back in August , but at the time, the team would not provide many details. Now our source gives us an update on Buss’ health concerns. “Jerry Buss is very ill. As you may aleady know, he has cancer, and the latest prognosis is grim. The Doctors say Jerry may only have a few weeks left to live” says our source.This is extremely sad news to deliver if it’s indeed the case. Here’s to Jerry Buss rebounding and getting healthy.-TO

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