Jeremy Lin Parties Late Into the Night

February 17, 2012 at 7:54 am by Terez in Jeremy Lin, New York Knicks

What the fruck happened last night T..

Knicks superstar Jeremy Lin came in to New York Club Avenue at 12.45 last night with Landry Fields and Jared Jeffries — He was wearing a blue striped shirt and jeans. Lin basically just hung with his team mates and some execs from the team and left with Landry Fields at 2.15am. — DJ Jeff Tonnesen plays a lot of hip hop hits like “All I Do is Win” and “New York New York,” Lin seemed to really enjoy that…he was also a bit shy when Avenue brought out a “all I do is Lin, #17” sign w/ a train of champagne…It’s gotta feel good to be worshiped. -TO

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