Jeremy Lin Hides His Face at the Club

Now's not a good time T..

Now that the Jeremy Lin bubble has popped, people are quickly forgetting how much excitement Lin brought to the NBA for those magical two weeks. The Knicks are three games below .500 and have completely lost all their steam they gained before the All-Star break. Now it appears Lin is getting irritated by all the attention. Here’s the Knicks point guard hanging with teammates Landry Fields and Jared Jeffries. Lin must’ve sensed someone snapping.-TO

Lin Turnover Experience Getting Benched?

Jeremy Lin Takes Time Out For The Fans

  • Edward

    Do you guys expect Jeremy Lin to stay at MSG or at the church all night? Come on, give him a break! He is just hanging out with his teammates. Is there anything wrong with it?

  • Grace

    Totally agree!
    Can’t he have a normal life as human being? Give him a break! He believes in God not play God.

  • Fake photo

    Stop writing some BS news make ppl hate them. they went there on Feb.16 not these days….-_-凸

  • Gayass Owens

    wow wat a false pic,
    Hope they see this n sue ur ass!!!

  • Go Jeremy Lin

    omg who ever wrote this is fking retard

  • pp

    who are they? who cares?

  • magic

    nothing wrong with that…he can relax after the tough games…yes..give him a break..


    give him a break! Is there anything wrong with it?

  • give him some space

    Give him some space…. leave him along…
    Now What!? Christian can’t go to club!!??

  • Tiffney

    Even these players went to the club these days after losing the game, what’s the big deal? They need a normal life as well. We cant make them practice for 24 hurs. Theres nothing wrong 4 them to relax after the game Yes! Just give me a break,he’s a young man. The life of basketball players is quite boring, its nothing wrong 4 him to hang out with his teammates.

  • Come on

    come on..give this kid a break. it’s just a normal relaxing activity. what’s the big deal? it’s nothing wrong to hang out with his teammates. you guys have already put to much pressure on him. this news is totally retarded.

  • Knick fan

    who said you can’t party after a few losses? grow up! whoever wrote this carp must be a Linsanity hater. Don’t hate just congratulate!

  • Mimi

    Evil and false (the date) news. They are not there to steal or kill. They are teammates hang out having some relaxed time. Can’t they party once a while? Do you party sometimes? Don’t try to ruin Jeremy Lin. It will not help anyone.

  • Jimmy

    LOL at the sensitive fans getting emontional cause they don’t like anyone saying anything negative about him. Must be his family members.

  • ra

    Could this picture be a photoshop product?

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