Jennifer Capriati Accused of Stalking Ex Boyfriend

I’d hardly call it stalking T…

A former Florida State University golf star has accused former Tennis star Jennifer Capriati of stalking him according to our friends over at Gossip Extra. “The ex-boyfriend was identified as Ivan Brennan, 28, a former FSU golfer. In August, Capriati allegedly sped through the guard gate of Brennan’s Singer Island condo building in her Porsche Cayenne after the guard refused to let her in. She alleged blocked Brennan from leaving his car but left when he called police. Riviera cops caught up to her later and ordered her to stay off the property. Brennan also accused Capriati of calling his work place, PGA Marina, over 100 times in a single day and questioning his co-workers about him” Child stars always turn out a little off. Sometimes the price of fame is too high.-TO

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