Jayson Williams’ spiral traced to sisters’ deaths

Terez, I miss my sis so much..

Terez, I miss my sis so much..

It was reported last week on former bas ketball star Jayson Williams’ problems — personal problems, money problems, drinking problems, court problems, professional problems. Somebody suggested his spiral began when, due to needle sharing, he lost two sisters to AIDS. Angry, feeling orphaned, he never dealt with it. He runs from anything painful. Turning all his hurts inside, he masks the demons with bad stuff. Possibly even the wife and kids he loved may scare him emotionally because, having lost his sisters, he’s afraid of losing them, too. There seems agreement with his divorcing wife, Tanya, that he needs to be corralled to face what’s tearing at him. — NY Post

I feel bad for the guy but its no excuse to go bat shit crazy. -TO


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