Jayson Werth Caught Sleeping With Chase Utley’s Wife

Cmon T...I wanted everyone involved..Chase wasn't down for it..

The Phillies are deciding whether or not to resign free agent outfielder Jayson Werth..and according to my Phillies Locker Room insider, they might pass on Werth for very good reason..Here’s what my source tells me.”Chase Utley’s somewhat diminished production at the plate this year is due in part to the fact that Jayson Werth was/did/has been banging Chase’s wife, Jen. A friend who has a connection to Shane Victorino heard that while hanging with some guys close to the team in Cincy during the playoffs.. Jayson Werth (and his family) used to hang with Chase and Jen at their condo pretty frequently, but he hasn’t been seen there recently.” Wow..that could definitely hurt a man’s confidence at the plate..Chase is definitely not the monster he was once..but that’s just wrong..Teammates should never cross that line..-TO

  • Steve

    Wow, I can’t believe you posted this now. This was a RUMOR that was swirling around Philly in like APRIL!

  • http://www.terezowens.com Terez

    Well I guess it was reconfirmed a few weeks back

  • Steve

    Oh I thought you were just late in hearing the rumor. Whatever, Werth is gonna be gone anyway.

  • http://www.terezowens.com Terez

    Yes..I agree

  • What a joke

    The rumor was created by the same people who said that the reason why the Flyers were doing so poorly last season was because Jeff Carter was banging Scott Hartnell’s wife and the team was “divided”. When they started to play better we never heard the rumor again. Than in the summer when the Phillies were slumping the same website who made up the Flyer’s rumor said that Jayson Werth was banging Utley’s wife and the clubhouse was “divided”. The team stared to play well and ended the season with the best record and went to the NLCS for the 3rd year in a row.Haven’t heard this rumor since…until now. Chase and Jayson were at the Flyers game with Ryan Howard about 2 weeks ago. Jen Utley and Julia Werth are always spotted shopping together in town with other Phillie’s wives. You need to check your sources…seiously.

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  • phillyphan331

    What a douchebag. Rumors been debunked 100 times

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  • Red

    My sources tell me the Phanatic was banging Mr Mets wife, hence why the Mets did so bad this year.

  • Dan

    My sources inside the Oval Office tell me that the reason Bush was such an awful president was that he had a fling with Condoleezza. Just because someone else reiterates an old-as-dirt (most likely false) rumor doesn’t mean it needs to get more ink. Or blog space, rather. But I guess that’s why this is a gossip site more so than a sports one…which is not to say that I don’t love your site, Terez, I just don’t think this one’s worthy of another “story”.

  • David

    A Phillies locker room insider, a friend with a connection to Shane Victorino, and your famous source you have for every story not worth reporting on. Between the three so much credibility.

  • Total Lies

    What an *sshole you are for even posting this. The Werth’s have 2 children who’re old enough to understand crap like this. No way should you have posted this. Like the other post-er said, this was proven to be an all-out lie in early summer. The wives are BFs & have been for 4 yrs. They go to all the games together. The guys are BFs. They were seen in July (when they played the Cards) playing roulette on some riverboat at 2am (before a game day). They just went to a Flyers game together after the last NLCS game. I’m sure you thought is was ‘funny’ or something but grow up.

  • haaaa

    “total lies,” how do you know it’s a lie? do you live in jennifer or whoever’s vagina? the only people who are assholes in this situation are the cheaters themselves. oooo they’re bff. roooiight.

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