Jayson Werth Caught Sleeping With Chase Utley’s Wife

Cmon T...I wanted everyone involved..Chase wasn't down for it..

The Phillies are deciding whether or not to resign free agent outfielder Jayson Werth..and according to my Phillies Locker Room insider, they might pass on Werth for very good reason..Here’s what my source tells me.”Chase Utley’s somewhat diminished production at the plate this year is due in part to the fact that Jayson Werth was/did/has been banging Chase’s wife, Jen. A friend who has a connection to Shane Victorino heard that while hanging with some guys close to the team in Cincy during the playoffs.. Jayson Werth (and his family) used to hang with Chase and Jen at their condo pretty frequently, but he hasn’t been seen there recently.” Wow..that could definitely hurt a man’s confidence at the plate..Chase is definitely not the monster he was once..but that’s just wrong..Teammates should never cross that line..-TO

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