Jay Cutler Proposed by Sending Ring in the Mail

February 6, 2013 at 10:14 am by Terez in Chicago Bears, Jay Cutler

Snail mail is so romantic T…

Jay Cutler can be a prickly pear at times. His on field demeanor is legendarily bad. Off the field, he’s a pretty interesting guy as well. Here’s the scoop via E Online, “we were texting and somehow it came up, like, ‘Oh, shall we get married?’ We’re like, ‘Yeah, OK.’ And then he sent my ring in the mail. So I actually had my ring sitting at home for a couple of weeks before I put it on.” “We actually have a date,” the bride-to-be said in an interview that will air as part of an E! special on March 10. “But we’re not, you know, telling anyone details.” Jay being Jay. Gotta love it.-TO

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