Jameis Winston Girlfriend Weighs In

He should be famous for football T...

He should be famous for football T…

Florida State Quarterback Jameis Winston had everything going for him. He was a Heisman hopeful who was quickly becoming a national superstar. Now he’s getting famous for all the wrong reasons. Here’s a picture of his girlfriend who is standing by her man, and our source tells us she gushes over Jameis, and how great of a guy he is. She believes Jameis did nothing wrong, and will continue to be in a relationship with him. This whole thing has felt like a witch hunt from the get go.-TO

  • nolesfan850

    nice way to get page-views. Erica Kinsman is a lying cunt and so are you.

  • Gerald Tinnon

    What is this witch hunt crap? Anybody rape your daughter recently?

    • Dave

      Planning to rape Bama in a few months..that is if you can get by Auburn

    • NitroNoletron

      He hasn’t been charged. Moron

      • Gerald Tinnon

        and he won’t be charged as long as Meggs is the State Attorney. This case is history…

        • Rob

          Maybe you haven’t seen your shitty team play this year. they struggle against anyone that is ranked….

          • Rob

            Were gonna hurt overratedAJ

      • Gerald Tinnon

        Better bring a gang of thugs if you plan on raping Bama. Oh wait, my bad.. you will.

        • Bamanoles1

          You cheer for one of the most corrupt teams in the history of college football that plays in the most corrupt league, and you refer to FSU as a gang of thugs? Typical.

    • Corey Crabill

      Gerald you aren’t going to get anywhere with these people. After over a decade of sucking they would hold their own moms down for Jameis if it meant a chance for a championship again.

      • tell me how the crow tastes?

        Incest joke coming from an Alabama fan???? The Irony!

    • Darrell Volentine

      who said rape? the only thing he is guilty of is the same thing she is guily of…they wereboth whores that night,just because she says rape does it mean it was??? many lie when they learn they were just a night toy,you don’t have all the evidence if there was rape charges would have been filed,you only jump on the banwagon because your very afraid of him and americans in general are stupid banwaggoneers,they go in trends if your not on the trend train your bad/worthless/stupid,examples,if you don’t vote Obama your racist,you don’t vote Hillary your sexest,you don’t back the president in his case for war your a commie,your racist and judgemental if you think the duke lacrosse players were innocent..they really were and the lying tramp so called victim had d&a from ther guys inside her not these guys but the nation was against them,when the truth comes out they brush it aside…she was found guilty of murder toda of her boyfriend…stabbing him…kobe Bryant,stupid banwagoners calling him a rapist,there was d&a from 3 different men in her that night,once again those 2 were whores,not rapist but when a lady says rape even when its not fools jump in there spewing off stupid things as if it did happen when whoring is what they BOTH were guity of all along…now don’t ct like sheep to the media slaughter bu keep your sens and let ALL evidence come out…ALL of it and let the courts handle it…the media shouldnt try this case

      • Darrell Volentine

        and im too mad to correct spelling errors so live with it you haters

  • Frank F

    You are the only site reporting that she is staying with him. She removed the tweets about him and the pictures of him from her twitter account. If they do stay together then this will be the toughest thing a relationship can go through so they will end up married. He should be worried that she is only forgiving him because she is also getting action on the side down in texas.

  • Frank F

    She is very pretty I forgot to say that before. He should do whatever it takes to get Breion back in his life if she can forgive him.

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