Jacksonville Jaguars to Sign Tebow?

Why not T...

Why not T…

The NFL’s worst team may just be throwing a Hail Mary. According to our Jaguars leaker, the team is going to give Tim Tebow a shot to re capture his dream of playing Quarterback once again. Our source tells us the Jaguars realize Tebow can only help merchandise and ticket sales, and will bring a major surge of interest to the Jaguars. This is not a football move as much as it’s a financial move says our insider. The Jaguars have nothing to lose. Tebowmania in Jacksonville sounds like a great fit.-TO

Jacksonville Billboard Asks for Tebow

  • zooker904

    This guy is just blowing smoke out of his ass. NOWHERE has there been ANY reporting of this. Kill yourself Terez

    • salchambers
      • zooker904

        still show me a a reliable source… doesn’t matter anymore Jacksonville has already came out and said that the rumors are untrue……………

        • salchambers

          Oh, really? When did they do that, hooker?

          • Dylan Roberts

            try going to the news4jax website, they have a article stating that this is just a rumor

  • Johnny Soccer

    Terez has never broken news before, so I doubt this’ll be the first time.


    Tebow is going to the Cubs.

  • Ryan T.

    Oh look, Terez “material stealing” Owens and his “Sources” again. That have never been right. Ever. Move along.

  • BigMac

    According to the NFL the Jaguars are not the worst team in the NFL. That honor goes to the NY Giants based on strength of schedule. However, this is the worst sports page online.

  • DW

    If TO does break this it would be Peter North big…

  • John G

    There is a photo shopped picture, so it must be true.

  • kyle

    this is true Gabbert and Henney are pregnant and Tebow will be replacing them

  • Richard Smith

    Advertising Dollars = Number of Web Page Hits = Bogus Tim Tebow Story

  • Hopeful

    Tim Tebow is better than at least half of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL. Jacksonville, with a winless season, and talentless quarterbacks, would be stupid not to take him.

  • captaindandan

    Please, please if anyone in Tebow’s camp is listening: LISTEN now. I ripped my rotator cuff over-lifting weights.
    Tim was razor sharp passing @ Florida Gators. What’s changed? Tim said he was working out and gaining muscle–I take it @ JETS he would work out with no spotter / alone.
    IF Tim tore that left rotator cuff he would be ‘off target’ he would be ‘throwing ‘ducks’ for passes’.
    Please get an MRI (and send the bill to the Jets) Get a MRI at least you’ll know one way or another!? Torn left rotator? Over training??
    I pray that we get to see the same ol’ Tim Tebow of the Florida Gators and real soon.

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