Is Aaron Hernandez Taking the Fall for Baby Mama’s Family?

June 21, 2013 at 8:06 am by Terez in Aaron Hernandez, New England Patriots

You're getting hotter T...

You’re getting hotter T…

New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is now the subject of an arrest warrant drawn up on obstruction of justice charges based on possible destruction of evidence in connection with the shooting death of his friend. We received a well thought out theory on why Hernandez has gone thru all this trouble, and who exactly he may be covering for — To Read the scoop Continue reading.-TO

Aaron Hernandez Returns Home a Free Man

Info in the Aaron Hernandez Homicide Case

This Arrived in our Tip Box:

Upon some research I came across an article that said one of the men who left Hernandez’s house Tuesday with police was Matthew Littleman Jenkins Shayanna’s uncle).  When you google that with Connecticut there is an obituary for a Matthew Jenkins sr.
He had a son named Matthew Littleman Jenkins.  When you look him up you come across this
In 1996 when he was 22 he was already shooting people and had served 3 yrs in jail.  Today he would be 39 and in my opinion maybe Aaron is covering for this guy.  It is his baby mother’s uncle and he might feel obligated to cover for him.  Also, the car today that showed up at his house with 2 woman had a CT license plate that said Jodi.  In that obituary you can see that Matthew has a sister named Jodi too.  Seems to me that Aaron is taking the fall for something her family might have done.