Hope Solo Not Backing Down on Brandi Chastain comments

She's barking up the wrong tree T...

Hope Solo still is sticking by her comments she made about US soccer hero Brandi Chastain — Solo went all hateful via Twitter just because Chastain remarked on the air that the United States needed a little work on defense. “Its 2 bad we can’t have commentators who better represents the game … Lay off commentating about defending and gking until you get more educated @brandichastain the game has changed from a decade ago,” Solo tweeted, then followed that with, “I feel bad 4 our fans that have 2 push mute.” The story is gaining momentum and followed the U.S. women’s soccer team from Glasgow to Old Trafford on Monday, with Solo refusing to apologize or back down from her tweets.“It’s not about what made me unhappy,” Solo said. “It’s not about one game. I have my beliefs that the best commentators and the best analysts should be analyzing come Olympics, come World Cups, and it’s only my opinion” Solo sounds extremely jealous of Chastain. She must badly want her own Brandi moment. -TO

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