Here’s What Allegedly Happened in the Jameis Winston Sex Scandal

November 22, 2013 at 2:07 pm by Terez in Jameis Winston

Sometimes you pick the wrong girl T...

Nothing is ever what it seems T..

Our inside sources have informed us that come next week, no charges will be filed. Here’s how it allegedly all went down: “The only thing he is guilty of is sleeping with a crazy ass cleat chaser who got mad, because he wouldn’t leave his girlfriend for her. They hooked up that night (as they had other nights) only this time, Jameis Winston’s girlfriend was coming into town. So he couldn’t stay. Things got heated, and she started basically beating the crap out of him. So naturally, he tried tried to restrain her. His roommate and her friend corroborated this already to the police” To Check out more Details Continue reading-TO

Here is Jameis Winston’s Accuser?

Also during their consensual sex, she was allegedly on top. She originally said she didn’t know who he was.. Weird, because there were a ton of pics of them together on her IG/Facebook accounts that have since been deleted. Her attorney is her Aunt’s girlfriend who is a Big Forida Gators booster, as is the writer that broke the story. He used to cover her when she played volleyball in Tampa. The State Attorney met with her today and it did not go well for her. Her story basically fell apart. They are just crossing their I’s and dotting T’s before they announce no charges will be filed, likely on Monday. They’re also debating whether or not to charge her with filing a false police report.

His restraining her is what caused the bruises she is said to have suffered. 
It took her a month to ID Winston as her rapist. She initially stated she didn’t know they guy, that is why the whole thing about her “not knowing him” and then saying it was him is weird, because as I said earlier there were plenty of pictures of the two of them together either before or after it took place. 
As far as where this came from… checked my sources. They have inside knowledge within the State Attorneys office. Sort of “deep throat” if you will.
Might be able to find this if you dig…it was a running joke between the accuser and her friends that were also DZ’s that they called their clique the #FSUcleatchasers. I’m not making up that hashtag. It was seriously their thing.  The Twitter handle has since been deleted.