Here’s What Allegedly Happened in the Jameis Winston Sex Scandal

Sometimes you pick the wrong girl T...

Nothing is ever what it seems T..

Our inside sources have informed us that come next week, no charges will be filed. Here’s how it allegedly all went down: “The only thing he is guilty of is sleeping with a crazy ass cleat chaser who got mad, because he wouldn’t leave his girlfriend for her. They hooked up that night (as they had other nights) only this time, Jameis Winston’s girlfriend was coming into town. So he couldn’t stay. Things got heated, and she started basically beating the crap out of him. So naturally, he tried tried to restrain her. His roommate and her friend corroborated this already to the police” To Check out more Details Continue reading-TO

Here is Jameis Winston’s Accuser?

Also during their consensual sex, she was allegedly on top. She originally said she didn’t know who he was.. Weird, because there were a ton of pics of them together on her IG/Facebook accounts that have since been deleted. Her attorney is her Aunt’s girlfriend who is a Big Forida Gators booster, as is the writer that broke the story. He used to cover her when she played volleyball in Tampa. The State Attorney met with her today and it did not go well for her. Her story basically fell apart. They are just crossing their I’s and dotting T’s before they announce no charges will be filed, likely on Monday. They’re also debating whether or not to charge her with filing a false police report.

His restraining her is what caused the bruises she is said to have suffered. 
It took her a month to ID Winston as her rapist. She initially stated she didn’t know they guy, that is why the whole thing about her “not knowing him” and then saying it was him is weird, because as I said earlier there were plenty of pictures of the two of them together either before or after it took place. 
As far as where this came from… checked my sources. They have inside knowledge within the State Attorneys office. Sort of “deep throat” if you will.
Might be able to find this if you dig…it was a running joke between the accuser and her friends that were also DZ’s that they called their clique the #FSUcleatchasers. I’m not making up that hashtag. It was seriously their thing.  The Twitter handle has since been deleted.
  • jess

    Well, Jameis’ “witnesses” were given months and months to work out the details of their story.

    Some are saying the girl (whoever she is…deleting one’s social media doesn’t mean a thing) is doing this because she wanted to take him down or garner fame for herself. If that were remotely true, she would’ve been on TV within days of the alleged rape with those accusations. She would have contacted all sorts of media outlets in an effort to get her revenge and her face time. The fact that she has still remained anonymous, in spite of the amateur FSU detectives who think they’ve identified her (they are on their THIRD “here’s the girl who dunnit” rage, by the way. They’ve already sullied the names of two others before tossing them aside)…that fact just doesn’t match the profile of a fame-seeking &%#^@, as many are characterizing her.

    • nope

      talking out of your a$$ isn’t healthy. Amateur detectives have had the real accuser since day one, what are you on about?

    • Dez E.

      Who were the other 2?

    • UFStud

      Actually she does fit the bill. One of “Jameis’ witnesses” is HER friend/roomate. Have you ever heard of a rape victim GETTING THEIR OWN ATTORNEY? I know I havent. Remember she also knowingly gave the wrong description to police (~5’10”, 240 instead of Jameis’ 6’4″ 210).

      • Danny Bowen

        What the hell are you talking about? Rape victims get attorneys all the time.. What world do you live in? And yes.. her description was clearly wrong.. guess what women are bad at?

      • SBjohn

        5’10, 240lbs.?!! Hell, she might as well outlandishly said Russell Wilson is her attacker!!! Which sounds similarly farfetched as the accusation against Winston… Which begs the question, Why didn’t she come forth around this time, when he’s well-known and leading FSU to the BCS Bowl, then back then when he was a nobody??? Something is real sour about this case… I’m thinking sabotage from another school, attention-whoring cranked up to 11, or alittle both…

    • UFStud

      Also, Tallahassee Police and Willie Meggs have a long history of going rediculously harsh on FSU football players. (See: Greg Dent, James Wilder Jr). TPD gets a hard-on making football players the perp walk

    • Silent_Partner

      You frankly don’t know what you’re talking about so you probably ought to be quiet and let the grown ups talk. Florida rape shield laws prevent what you’re talking about from taking place regardless. Bottom line, this thing came from other people than the girl. She messed up and filed the report and as young people who don’t know how the grown up world works, just wanted it all to go away afterward. That you continue to think the girl is being wronged when there is clear evidence that she not only knew Winston previously, but continued to be incontact with him after this incident is disturbing to say the least.

    • James Billingsworth

      They were questioned at the time…learn facts. They apparently had their stories together immediately.

  • C.Ok


    • James Billingsworth

      *trifling hoes

  • Guest

    you can find her pic’s and her name online i have them all..and she has now delete everything or went private…lol…..pic’s of him and her…..haha

    • tobecleared

      Oh there are pics and evidence, just ask Mr Jensen, JW’s attorney!

  • rememberbrianbanks

    Within days of the alleged rape, Jameis Winston was the 3rd stringer on a good but still not great FSU team. Everyone was still fellating the Gators, as their infamous “never even been to Gainesville” bandwagon is loath to do, and FSU was about to lose 11 players to the NFL.

    Fast forward to this Fall. Jameis is now the starter for a title contender, a Heisman contender, and he’s the talk of college football. Analysts have him penciled in as the top pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

    Suddenly, within the span of just a few weeks, several interesting things happen. FSU has emerged unscathed from arguably their two biggest tests off season – Clemson and Miami. Not only do they look good, they look scary good. Florida goes into the tank. Oregon loses to Stanford and FSU appears to have a clear path to the title game. The VERY NEXT DAY, this TBT writer gets a magical “anonymous” tip and some ensuing exclusives.

    So if there indeed was a motive to garner fame and a payout, if you subscribe to that theory, that’s why it makes sense this suddenly came out now and not in January. It makes more sense, however, to think that the charge was ignored due to lack I any evidence (but not outright closed, which is key), and then suddenly some figures in the know and behind the scenes started getting nervous and saw a way to revive this matter, get this girl her day, and satisfy their own respective agendas in the process. The additional media scrutiny and attention helps them get, potentially, what arguably baseless charges wouldn’t have back in January.

    • youareanidiot

      This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

  • InFamousJameis

    Your “source” is some FSU “tailgating club” that has been tweeting this same bs for days. Some anonymous guy says he has anonymous sources and you use that as your anonymous source. Sounds pretty reliable.

    • Dez E.

      Every “source” in this case has been anonymous. What is your point?

      • adam

        yourre an idiot. if people started identifying their sources than they would never get the cooperation of these sources in the future. you obviously have no idea how journalism works

        • Danny Bowen

          Yeah, tons of “FAKE” journalists out there..

      • adam

        sorry i meant to reply to infamousjameis <– notice his name, he is part of the group of espn-brainwashed folks who are willing to convict before due process

        • Dez E.

          no prob.

  • marky mack

    everyone owes Mr. Winston a HUGE apology. Heck, just give him the Heisman now.

    • SuperV

      Wrong- Mr. Winston owes the ENTIRE Church an apology for his behavior and the shame it brings publically. That is to say IF he is for real….. only God knows, I hope for his sake he does. His laughing at the press conference to me is a bad sign indeed….. now go ahead and give me all your stupid “we all do wrongs” nonsense…. I’m ready. Fact is, no one should run around behaving like this and at the samer time talking with the mic in hand like he’s a real “saint”….. this is what troubles me about him, and I promise you, he’ll be in hoy water again, and it won’t be long

      • guest

        If you really know God, then you would know that your point of view about Winston is not how He wants you to handle this. Whether he is innocent or guilty, the Christ-like way to handle him, is to pray for him; you sound like you want to see his demise.

        • SuperV

          Apparently you are god…. to say something like that. If YOU really knew His word, you would agree with it and me. He should publically say, “My behavior as a Christian has not been what it needs to be, and I am sorry that my PUBLIC EXAMPLE will be better”… or something like that. If you think just praying solves everything, then I will pray for you because we are also commanded to clean house when needed and to rebuke those who need rebuked “Rebuke a wise man and he will love you”….. A fool will hate it. I only want for him to succeed- so hopefully he will read this and make the necessary changes. He’s got his whole life ahead of him. Sorry, but I do not belong to today’s “Church of the Hunky-dory”……

          • SuperV

            “Know this-your sin will find you out”….. hopefully this weekend he’ll read that also

  • Joe

    Anything you ever put on fb including pictures can never be deleted. There are several people that need to be sued, whoever leaked this out, the sorry ass MEDIA, ect….And this happened AYEAR AGO, why the hell is it just now coming out? From gaytor sources/tbt writer.

  • thetruthhurtssomtimes

    The famous inside sources have told me tag?? love it….I
    think I would say to take the football out of the equation….too many
    automatic reactions because Nole nation thinks that its all about hurting the
    football team..Maybe it is or maybe its a money grab…Maybe something went bad
    that night and it has nothing to do with football…Or maybe he turned a No
    into a Yes and at the time the family didn’t want to put their kid through the
    ringer to testify and soo on. To the point off why now??? When it happened
    nobody except Nole fan knew who this kid was….then the family spent the last
    year with him all over the TV and newspapers singing the praises of the great
    kid and said F–it and couldn’t take it anymore…We don’t know but I do know
    that Nole fan wouldn’t care about the girl or him if it wasn’t about reclaiming
    the glory….which is all that matters in the end….not the truth

    • handleyourowntruth

      Cause letting Aaron Hernandez and Co. keep playing so long as they helped the team win another BCS title was all about seeking the truth. Gotcha.

    • adam

      why do you wright like that? are you trying to incite an epilepsy episode?

  • James Billingsworth

    Tallahassee is a football town, but its also the seat of government and I highly doubt the police would just brush a rape under the carpet if all evidence showed it was that. Not everyone in that town is a Seminole fan, its not like Gainesville where there is literally no other reason to be there except for the university.

    If this is indeed false, I hope another “anonymous” source leaks her name and contact info so the internet can punish her properly.

  • Andrew J. Herrero

    This is disgusting and the fact that the police told this girl to remain quit shows how utterly fucked every single one of you people are for your damn worship of these athletes. This article fails to prove anything and it’s just down right disturbing the way these institutions let these damn men get away with the crap they do because they all bow down to the almighty NCAA. I understand if there is a demand for some kind of “professional junior foot ball league” in the United States, but maybe at this point the actual educational side and this cultish athletic side should look into just parting ways?

    • biasnoted

      The fact people like you still think the TPD told her to shut up, considering that is NOT what was allegedly said and that entire episode came DIRECTLY from her attorney and not from anything on record, shows how utterly fucked your reading comprehension abilities are.

      • Danny Bowen

        As opposed to YOU who takes whatever HIS Lawyer states as fact.. and not anything officially on record and then accusing HIM of having reading comprehension abilities.. makes you more fucked up.

  • thetuthhurts

    The famous inside sources have told me tag?? love it….I think I would say to take the football out of the equation….too many automatic reactions because Nole nation thinks that its all about hurting the football team..Maybe it is or maybe its a money grab…Maybe something went bad that night and it has nothing to do with football…Or maybe he turned a No into a Yes and at the time the family didn’t want to put their kid through the ringer to testify and soo on. To the point off why now??? When it happened nobody except Nole fan knew who this kid was….then the family spent the last year with him all over the TV and newspapers singing the praises of the great kid and said F–it and couldn’t take it anymore…We don’t know but I do know that Nole fan wouldn’t care about the girl or him if it wasn’t about reclaiming the glory….which is all that matters in the end….not the truth

  • Corey Crabill

    When any of your moms/sisters/daughters are assaulted in the future, you same people defending the accused in this case are going to be there to support the accused in their cases right? Not a single person knows what happened, but the FSU fans jumped straight on the defending the accused rapist bandwagon….Sad!
    Hope that trophy that not a single one of you will ever touch was worth the rest of the country viewing you as rape-enablers.

    • Tanks_Alott

      I believe that at least four people know what happened.

    • Laural Wilson

      What about Jameis – what if he were your son ??? Seriously she can cry foul -lie and his name is dragged through hell and back – screw you – my son plays football and you have no idea how sleazey some of these girls are …. innocent until proven guilty –

      • Corey Crabill

        Yes I do know how sleazy some of you girls are…you are making it very apparent by defending this accused sexual predator and turning your back on the woman victim all for a chance of a national championship. Stay classy Criminoles.

        • ray

          You sir are a bias idiot and it shows!

    • Jameis

      wow, you bash people for defending Jameis, yet it seems you’ve already convicted him and the entire school of rape. tell me, how is the view from up on that pulpit?

    • skittles

      Saw the Forced Sex U shirts from the classless Gators when we stomped your team in the swamp

  • DefeetRexRyan

    Fuckin sluts….exactly what I thought was probably the case, and I’m not even an FSU fan. True rape needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but this shit should be too.

  • Danny Bowen

    If she really wanted to get him.. and reported it to get him.. you’d think she’d mention his name in the report… lol.. i love “insider sources” hahah

  • Mark

    She’s nothing but a whore. Sure she’s been on top of a lot of dudes. White Mamba on Sports Hoopla already knew Winston did it with no evidence. Lol What a loser 0regon Duck fan. Poor guy. Go Noles!

  • Nathan

    James Winston is completely guilty. This page is a page for FSU rapists.

  • Nathan

    Fridays with Geraldo Segment
    Heisman Hopeful not Charged
    Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, who is expected to win the Heisman Trophy as America’s top college player, has been cleared of a sexual assault charge. Geraldo Rivera analyzed the prosecutor’s decision. “I urge Heisman Trophy voters to read the police report,” he said. “This is not a case of some woman conjuring up circumstances years after the fact. This woman began complaining almost immediately, she said she had five vodka shots and some men took her to Winston’s apartment. She alleges that he assaulted her, she fought him off, and he took her into the bathroom where he finished the act. The cop who interviewed her said she was bruised, and I submit that if this was some nobody the cops would have responded far differently. This woman has been ridiculed, she has dropped out of school. This is an outrage!”

  • MrSativa

    Let me provide the solution to all this noise. If you’re a white female at college never hook up with an athlete – white or black. You are simply a sperm vessel and that’s all you will be. Now if riding the pipe is your endeavor for life have at it but if you have any self respect stay away from athletes and for the love of God if do go to a bar never ever accept a drink from a stranger.

  • Anti_Femastasis

    Daily reminder: Most rape accusations are false. The bulk of wrongly accused men are blacks.

    Daily reminder: False accusing men is women’s favorite sport. Women have to feat nearly no consequences.

  • AmSEA

    Typical feminist thought. It’s better to punish an INNOCENT male than make a female be accountable. This manufactured rape hysteria at colleges and universities is getting utterly scary. It’s scary because the rules have been re-written by liberals and feminist in such that females can now go out, get completely drunk on their own, lure a male on and days later accuse him of rape because they feel guilty and can’t recall certain aspects due to their OWN self-intoxication. Thus the male must be a mind reader and somehow decipher if the female he’s having consensual sex with is going to suddenly make a FALSE claim on him later in time. This thought by people like you essentially criminalizes innocent males.

    It’s funny how you folks cry about equality. Except when it comes to responsibility and accountability for women.

  • TheFriendly”F”

    How do you know he’s innocent?
    Your comment suggests though women are just throwing around rape accusations freely, as though it’s some joke women have come up with. Rape is absolutely no joke. It is one of the most horrifically unimaginable things that could ever happen to someone, and not to mention that if you do speak out about it or search for justice from your rapist (especially in the academic sphere) you get backs turned on you, you get called a slut, you get harassed and threatened. I don’t think any woman (or anyone for that matter) in their right mind would just go throwing around serious rape accusations.
    Also your sentiment that men should be cautious around women that are to intoxicated is right because if a girl is too incapacitated you shouldn’t try to have sex with her (its not really mind reading)! Yes women, like men, should be careful when they drink because of the elevation of risk due to intoxication, but that doesn’t mean men can’t also take precautions in ensuring their own safety and the safety of others.

    And a last thing about your feminist comments. As you might be able to tell I am a feminist and I know that feminists often get categorized as these man-haters that as you put “punish innocent males”. While it is possible that these views exist, as within any movement of thought or social group, you will have extremist views but to take those views, make them into general truths, and stereotype an entire group of people is the definition of bigotry. While I can only speak for myself, what I believe feminism wants to do is to have men, women and all walks of life be able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and realize that, hey, we all have trials and tribulations in life, but we’re just trying to make it through life the best way we know how.
    Ok! I’m done my rant. if just one person reads this ill be happy.

  • Anti_Femastasis

    Typical feminist thought. It’s better to punish an INNOCENT male than make a female be accountable.

  • AmSEA

    You are so far out of reality it’s insane. To naively think women never lie or make up such claims proves to me how out of touch you are. Women lie about rape, DV and various other maters as they know the judicial system is stacked against men and such accusations solidify them garnishing a man’s check, taking away his kids or getting back at him out of spite.

    Why don’t you Google “false rape allegations” and take a gander at all the videos and stories which are available. The men who’ve been utterly destroyed by such bogus accusations.

    There’s of course the whole back side of this which the media and feminist centric education system will never address. That’s the fact men commit suicide in much higher numbers than women. And they routinely commit suicide when they’ve gone through a false rape allegation. I personally knew someone who indeed blew his brains out when a spiteful ex-gf destroyed his life with a bogus rape claim.

    The only reason why people now question a rape allegation is pro-feminist legislation has made it such that a woman can cry rape when her feelings are hurt and nothing happens to her when she admits it was a farce. I’ve fully had it with the equality banter except when it comes to equal responsibility. You see magically when it comes to responsibility then suddenly women become infantile.

    Modern feminism is nothing more than a special rights movement. I was required to register for the selective service merely to receive students loans. Did you have to do that as a female? NO. Besides that … you are given Affirmative Action and far more resources.

    Yes. I get it. You’re a strong and independent woman … yet must be treated like a delicate flower.

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