Pat Riley says Magic Johnson would beat LeBron James 1-on-1

June 7, 2017 at 6:47 am by Terez in Lebron James, Magic Johnson

This is just great, forget about LeBron versus Jordan, what does Pat Riley think about LeBron versus Magic. “LeBron is the closest thing to Earvin we have ever seen because of his size, his speed, his acceleration, his vision, everything that he can do. (Magic) could have scored 30 points a game if he wanted to. He didn’t have to score because of Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar) and James (Worthy) and everybody else we had. But he is a winner, LeBron is a winner. The way that LeBron plays the game now, coast-to-coast, handles the ball, runs the offense, it’s just like Earvin. … Same mold, same DNA.” On why Magic would defeat LeBron one-on-one: “Because he would never call a foul and LeBron would respect him as an elder he’d win.” Well said, can’t argue with Pat Riley. Sorry LeBronasexuals.-TO