Hank Baskett’s Wife Kendra’s Sex Tape Screen Shots Released

May 13, 2010 at 9:44 am by Terez in Hank Baskett, Philadelphia Eagles

Terez, don't tell Hank you saw these..ok?

Vivid Entertainment, the company responsible for the release of Kendra Wilkinson’s sex tape has revealed a few screen shots of her purported sex tape..This is what we call in the business, a teaser..Earlier this week, the report was she had multiple partners. Also, some news broke yesterday regarding the individual who she made the video with..a longtime boyfriend she was dating before she met Hef..There is no doubt the video will be released…the only question is will Hank gets his stone hands on some of the loot that’s going to be made..and let me tell you, there’s going to be a bonanza of cash out there for Kendra, Hank and Vivid. Check out the gallery for more pics..and don’t worry they’re all safe for work. -TO

Hank Baskett’s Wife Kendra Had Multiple Partners In Sex Tapes

Vivid Acquires Sex Tape of Hank’s Wife Kendra Wilkinson