Gloria James Overheard Calling Nate Robinson a Midget?

He’s got those hot dog fingers T..

For those of you who don’t know, Gloria James is the infamous mother to the King of the NBA, Lebron James — Gloria was at last night’s Heat game rooting on her lookalike son, and according to our source who sat directly in front of her, Glo was cursing through out the entire game. One comment in particular that seemed extremely offensive was when Nate Robinson did his best to stop LeBron on a fast break. The refs ended up reviewing the play to see if it warranted a flagrant foul call. It ended up being just a regular foul. Our source tells us when this incident occurred, Gloria James screamed, “Run that midget over LeBron” to which the crowd surrounding her dropped their jaws in awe. Some people never learn.-TO

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