Gloria Allred threatens CBS for allowing Tim Tebow anti-abortion Super Bowl ad

January 29, 2010 at 9:26 am by Terez in Tim Tebow

I love being Christian Terez..

Famed womens’ rights campaigner and powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred has joined the ever growing hoard of people angered at the CBS network’s decision to allow an anti-abortion propaganda ad to air during the upcoming Super Bowl on February 7th. In an exclusive interview with Allred shares that she is outraged by CBS and fears that the motivation for money has far outweighed any commitment to truth and any duty to upholding advertising standards. The ad, featuring college football player and devout Christian, Tim Tebow, and his mother Pam, is funded by Focus on the Family, a conservative Christian organization that places emphasis on marriage and parenthood. — Radar Online

This is the closest Timmy Teabag will ever get to the Super Bowl..-TO

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