Gabrielle Union Talks Dwyane Wade

That's my main girl T...

That’s my main girl T…

The “Being Mary Jane” actress star spilled all to E! yesterday — Gabrielle talks about her NBA boyfriend and how the couple celebrated the Miami Heat’s 2013 championship together. She also talks about how Wade is way more into fashion than she is. Hah. To See the Video continue reading.-TO

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  • CHS

    Hey Gab,

    Glad to see you made it, you always said you were going to! Congrats and btw your right I wish I would have been a BF!

  • jonnybullet

    Gabrielle Union ain’t nothing but a skank! She whined about
    how she was raped when she was younger, how she would never steal someone else’sman, never go out with a married man, and all the other BS she spewed. When it1st came out she tried to hide it, even denied dealing with him. And he’s no better nothing but a douche bag, he made his ex-wife crazy by all the crap he pulled. If they both dropped into an abyss today the world wouldn’t skip
    a beat, so maybe that’s what needs to happen. I am Tired of hearing about both of these losers, they’re both legends in their own minds!

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