Fred Davis High as a Kite at a Mansion Party?

Puff puff pass T...

Washington Redskins Tight End Fred Davis is enjoying his offseason — Maybe a little too much. We received this tip from a reader, “So one of my co workers sent me the pic of Fred last Friday night at a party in Great Falls, Virgina. The man was high as hell. He’s holding a blunt in his hand and there was weed ALL OVER the place..My co worker said she could barely understand him. The man has the whole org depending on him and his dumbass has no respect. As a fan it pisses me off. I mean you cant put the bowl down for a while, while you rake millions???!!! Screw that cat!!” — My sentiments exactly. If you’re going to have fun, just don’t flaunt it. -TO

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  • http://@wes_l_graham wes graham

    A true gan wouldn’t snitch

  • Doc

    It’s a damn cigar…I was at the said party as well and this whole story is bogus.

  • Jay

    Dude needs to get waived or something, I dont know if RG3 does this but if he doesn’t the Fletcher needs to set this dude straight in the locker room. Period if im Shannahan franchise or not this dude get benched waived let him be a head ache in dallas!! Hey Im no hipocrite but what frame of mind is he in if he gets photo taken??

  • Real

    Photoshop. Ppl do anything to hate. It’s sooo lame lol

  • RealRedskinsFan

    Don’t believe everything you read Jay! You can’t even see what the hell it is, and you’re just automatically assuming a story from a tabloid website is true? nice job. Fred isn’t that dumb to be smoking weed at a party with a bunch of random people, if he even did do it anymore it would be with friends in the privacy of his home. I believe Shannahan wouldn’t have franchised Fred if he didn’t think he was going to straighten up.

  • James Earl Jones Jr.

    There are a lot of haters out there that need to check themselves FAST.

    I know Fred and he’s cool peoples. He’s not no drug addict or nothing like that. The man is chill he like his weed evry now and again but who dont? Aint nothing wrong with that.

    A whole lot of people lives be better if they loosen up and smoke regular like Fred do.

    Just leave him be haters.

  • Pass the blunt…

    Everyone commenting that it’s a cigar needs to take a closer look… I’m a die hard Skins fan, not a weed smoker but been around it enough to know that if you zoom in, you will have no other choice than to KNOW it’s a blunt. It’s grainy, but you can see the light and noone is passing a cig holding it with his pointer finger and thumb while the other guy passes it underhand. Take the blinders off please!!! This guy is gonna be the downfall of a much improved Skins team. Lose him NOW! There’s a reason Shanny has 4 other TE’s on the roster. That’s a blunt NO DOUBT!

  • Real

    Its Fake ppl. NFL does drug test especially if u in program. Use your brain

  • phila

    This story has been blown way out of proportion. First of all, that is not weed. trust me, i was there. Secondly, your attention should be focused on the thirsty idiot who took this picture. It’s sad to see what people will do to get a little attention because no one will give you any at this so called “mansion” party. It was a lame pool party and he was smoking a cigar. call it a day ppl. they get tested every week.

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