Floyd Mayweather’s Fiance Cashed In On Knockout

It was a winning night all around T

Floyd must have given some good advice, because last night his fiancé  tweeted her winning ticket.. Shantel put $100 on Mayweather to finish Ortiz in the 4th round that paid her $2,000 at 20-1…Being that she has probably been taken care of by Floyd, that probably won’t even buy her a pair of shoes. -TO

Larry Merchant To Kick Mayweather’s Ass

Mayweather And Ortiz Weigh In Gets Heated

  • dandrammer

    damn you all!!!
    gayweather will soon die coz pacman will beat him to death.bwahahaha

  • Nelson A. Burnea

    I am not one of the manny or money fans, but a boxing fan. If money claims to be the best, he should fight manny next year. No more excuses, manny already agreed to take the test. Money versus Manny is the best thing for boxing, not money picking his choice.

  • I choose PACMAN!!!

    Floyd is soooo arrogant. His criminal record should speak enough about his character. Manny is a congressman, has the support of his entire country and is a likable guy. He has worked hard and progressed into a champion. This means he has learned from his lessons and grown. Floyd is a wife beating cheat. For example, it is “legal” for me to cheat on my wife but it is not “ethical”. I mean I’m not going to jail if I sleep around but that does not make it ok if I were to. Mayweather makes me sick. If he can face up to Pacman and win then the world will be set straight and Floyd can chew his bubble gum and stare in the mirror. Every day that this epic fight is put off makes Manny the obvious winner.

    Don’t compare this cocky bastard (FM) to Michael Jordan. MJ attacked the best players in the NBA head on. He didn’t wait or make excuses. He was the best and proved it while in his prime. This is a champion. No, MJ was not undefeated but that’s not what matters. The best, playing the best, against the best and winning is what is. Yes MJ was great early on, but don’t forget that he was cut from his HS team!He had to work hard and didn’t rely on pure talent and arogance. Floyd is pure talent and bad attitude. He certainly is talented but that doesn’t earn respect from others. The fans are what makes all of this happen, as all you business savvy folks are aware.

    On the racist note: why does it seem that the “black” fans of Floyd are incapable of using correct grammar? I suppose fans of questionable people will shadow their intellectual capacity and communication skills.

    Again, being the best does not mean undefeated. Think of your workplace. Is the best employee a flawless human being or someone who works hard, is likable, and humbly improves upon their mistakes? Yes FM is undefeated and he deserves credit for that. MP is not undefeated but look where he’s risen to. If these two do not fight, then what is the point of boxing?

    Lastly, kumusta to all my pinoy friends out there! I’m going to eat some adobo and watch TFC with my wife now before bed hehe. I know Manny will serve as the fighting pride of the philippines to that mayabong bastard!

    P.S. Why was Floyd’s “girl” even betting on his fight? Not to mention for $100? $100 is a joke. There’s something not right with that Mayweather Boxing Club camp.

  • I choose PACMAN!!!

    arogance = arrogance

  • Ortz fan

    flloyd:take the test

    manny:i already agreed

    flloyd:your training should be in usa

    manny: ok coach already advised me that to focus in this fight ill stay in usa.

    flloyd: i changed my mind…i dont need to fight you.

    manny: but the fans whants this fight!

    flloyd: i dont care about them im protecting my zero.

    mayweather will never face manny…he will never ever do that.

  • Hk

    Her betting on the 4th rd just means it was a fixed fight. So I guess mayweather isn’t a dirty fighter he just stuck to the script.

  • el fuego

    Jeez Louize…what a babe! But can’t she do better than Mayweather? Oh that’s right! He’s got buku bucks. I guess that makes it’s worth waking up next to a baboon looking dude every morning.

  • MTG

    Its crazy how so many people are so quick to judge Floyed. Floyed is a great boxer why do people dis-like him becuase he is flashy with a big mouth. Nothing to do with boxing, so you so called boxing fans need to judge him for his skills and that makes him great. Still undefeated floyed has not ducked no one no matter who he beats he gets no repect. When he beats the same fighters that Pac-man did but before pac man he is still hated but pac-man is loved. Why is that because you so called fans can’t except the greatness of this boxer. The bottom line is this protect your self at all times, he got head butted not by a mistake on purpose, they huge they kissed now they fight. The only mistake here was Ortiz, Ortiz couldn’t handle the pressure he couldn’t hit this person like he thought, so he fouled him and it caused him dearly. Again don’t hate him because he is load and flashy hate him because he is a horrible boxer. Just like in basketball, if you don’t like the trash talker beat him and then he will be quite.

  • notachango

    Mayweather exibited typical dirty tactics. the thing that makes Ortizs headbutt was that they both were fighting and protecting themselves. When mr Little Monkey did his Cheap shot, they werent both throwing leather. I expect this from black fighters because they are known to be dirty. I dealt with them all my life and i know they always fight with their ball lickers backing them up when the other guy is getting the better of them I admit i am rascist. So what? its a free country.

  • jerome

    This is to Jack,when Floyd KO Pac man late in the fight.Please retack your statements made about Floyd and 50 cents running a train on his girl friend.It show how much class you have yourself.Beside you shouldn`t say things you would not say to a man face.And I WOULD BET you wouldn`t say those things to Floyd face.Have a nice day.

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