Female Kicker to keep trying after failing to make LSU team

Kickers never quit T..

Former LSU soccer star trying to become LSU’s first female football player, was told Tuesday that she did not make the team after a two-day tryout for walk-ons, but she refused to walk away from her dream.  “She did not want to take that she couldn’t make the team,” LSU coach Les Miles said Tuesday night after practice. “She said, ‘Do I get another opportunity if I get a lot better?’ I said, ‘Sure.'” Isom tweeted that she will be back. “Wonderful meeting with coach Miles,” she said on her Twitter account Tuesday afternoon. “Received great constructive feedback. Will continue working my hardest with the team through spring and summer.” This isn’t American Idol…You didn’t make the team this year, you’re not going to make it next year. -TO

Homecoming Queen Tries Out For football team

Female Kicker Gets Her Flirt On

  • Rick

    Mo, keep at it. Don’t listen to people like Terez (what kind of name is that anyway??) who only want to throw out negative comments that they think make them look smart.

  • http://yahoo mel

    dont give up!!!!!keep working till you get that would be great.

  • Zeth626

    So, according to Terez, Michael Jordan should’ve quit when he did not make the team?

  • aplacky

    She might be able to sneak an extra point over the bar but if she gets put in the other team knows it won’t be a fake. If she managed to kick the ball off after a score what happens if the coverage gets beat and she needs to tackle a 6-4″ 230-pound super ripped return specialist headed her direction at a 4.3/40 clip? SHe’d end up hospitalized. Women can’t compete on an equal footing with men even in GOLF. Stop kidding yourselves.

  • eric

    i don’t think football is ready for women to be on the team professional
    that is.barbie should hang up the
    idea od playing football and stick with soccer.

  • Ronnie

    Dude, she’s got the same chance of making the tackle as any other kicker. She’s 6’1″, 190 lbs. How big do you think kickers are?

  • GaryGuns

    She has every right to be a kicker, especially if she is good. They are being sexest.

  • http://Yardbarker.com Rob

    Im truly sorry if its sexist but I dont want women in football. Im tired of hearing how woment have to be equal. I already beleive they are BUT that doesnt mean I want them in my football AND that isnt being sexist. I want some sort line between women and men.

  • Paul

    Rob (comment #8) – Hate to break it to you, but saying “that isn’t being sexist” doesn’t change the fact that it IS being sexist.

    You’re wanting to exclude women (all of them) because they are…. women. That’s the very definition of “sexist”.

    nice try, though.

  • Socrates

    She wasn’t cut because she’s not a good enough kicker. Coaches don’t care if she can’t kick far enough, or accurate enough, or can’t make a tackle. She was obviously cut just because she has a vagina.

  • ack

    What is wrong with this girl!?! She’s insanely beautiful, go be a model and make millions!

  • Cereal Killer

    Um, 190 lbs?
    Look at that picture, dude. If she’s 190 then I must be wasted because she looks pretty hot to me. Even at 6’1″, she looks way to thin to be 190 lbs. 190 lbs is on the high side of healthy even for men (not men in the NFL, obviously, but they are not the norm). That said, how many return specialists in college are 6’3″ 230 lbs? I live in SEC country and even those guys are closer to 5’8″ 175 lbs for return specialist.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is that you’re both wrong.
    Honestly though, it shouldn’t have anything to do with sex or sexism. If she can kick better than the other kickers on the team she should get to play. If not, so what? She gets to join the rest of us that didn’t get to play college football due to our physical limitations. I didn’t get to play college football because I’m slow, white, and weighed 135 lbs soaking wet at 18, but you don’t see me complaining.

  • bassboat

    Women don’t belong in football just like men don’t belong at tea parties. Boys and girls are different.

  • http://www.hugeballs.com dic hurtz

    just give up, you’re not even hot. nobody likes annoying little gnats like her. stop trying to prove women are equal to men; it’s evident women are far inferior and should be barefoot and pregnant

  • http://www.hugeballs.com dic hurtz

    plus you know she’s poor white trash she can’t even afford a flat screen tv, it’s 2012 lady! get back in the kitchen and make me that damn pie already!

  • Bill

    She has played goalie for the women’s soccer team at LSU, so she can probably kick decently. Accuracy might be a huge issue. Being a goalie, she would be used to being in the mix; I wouldn’t be surprised that she could tackle as well as a lot of kickers at the college level.

  • Tam12

    Dude… Yep we can play football and yes we can play golf. Maybe you just need to get out of diapers. No one is saying that she is competing against the men. That’s your own male ego talking. Women are not trying to see if they can do it better; maybe we like the sport and just want to play. If I were her, hell yeah I would do it in heart beat. Love sports and I have excelled at just about all of it. Yes I can swing a golf club pretty good. So don’t say we can’t play golf. You’re blowing smoke up your own skirt.

  • im not a rapper

    i’m sorry to say but women cannot play a sport dedicated to men. stop listening to people who say “sure, you can do it. don’t listen to these sexists.” it’s not sexist. men are physically superior to women. period. i would not want to put you in harms way because of this “woman’s pride”. it’s stupid to think otherwise. don’t get yourself hurt. play for a LFL team.

  • Bri

    haha.. women trying out for footall.. try cooking


    go to a womens rugby match and tell them they can’t tackle a man

  • bizzu

    Good luck to her. I’d give her as good a chance as any kicker at making an open field tackle on a kick returner (which is basically zero). She might lack a little size on some other kickers but she’s probably decently fast, obviously has guts, and has something to prove.

    Personally though, if I was the coach I wouldn’t let her on the team because it would be a spectacle and almost certainly cause a lot of drama. It’s always possible a situation could occur like with Katie Hnida where the woman on the team is being sexually assaulted by the other players. If that happened he would likely end up out of a job and/or in jail.

    That said, if the coach had the guts and the forward thinking to do it, he should give her a fair shot. (But he doesn’t, neither do I).

  • M Duberson

    Another example of how feminism has convinced women they have the penis. Same comment to Danica Patrick. Men are just sick of it!

    Women should be encouraged to do the things a woman is suited to do that do not require a penis.

    Leave men’s sports to men, please.

  • Tom

    I believe this was the same girl who was in a video with Brad Wing the punter where they had some football contests and I have seen a few minute video of her kicking FGs. 50 yards seems to be about her range which is fine. The problem is if you kick the ball off, you are a potential tackler. That is why she was cut at this point. Playing soccer clearly gives you the experience to kick a football fine…the problem is I believe she was a soccer goalie so she didn’t have to mix it up even as much as most female soccer players who run the field.

  • jdsb

    I grew upplaying Football and honestly don’t see what the problem is with a woman playing. hell after all the kicker is the last of defense to tackle the returner and even in the NFL the return guys usually only weight around 195 lbs. so I say go for it if you really want it.

  • zack

    if she wants to kick for a college team, why not try Alabama. They are in far more need than LSU.

  • Julio

    What if she is the last person to beat with blockers out in front!? She can get hurt, kickers take some pretty hard hits sometimes. I bet she is a pretty good accurate kicker but thats not all there is to being a kicker at the college or pro level.

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