Even Liam Neeson Thinks Floyd Mayweather is Scared Of Pacquiao

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Hollywood actor Liam Neeson believes that the only thing holding back the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. mega fight is Floyd’s unwillingness to face the Filipino boxing superstar. “I think he’s scared of Pacquaio… I don’t mean he is scared, like terrified of his life, but I think he thinks he can see in Pacquiao someone that could beat him.”In the interview with ESPN, the Oscar-nominated actor also admitted to being one of the many fans waiting for the super fight to take place.“I would pay any amount of money to be at that fight,” said Neeson, who is currently doing the rounds promoting Taken 2. He also Dropped an S-Bomb on Sportscenter. All in a day’s work.-TO

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