ESPN Love Story:Employees Beadle and Barnaby Dating

March 15, 2011 at 8:41 am by Terez in Matthew Barnaby, Michelle Beadle

He's everything I look for in a hockey analyst T...

ESPN has a policy that if you are dating someone within the workplace, you must notify the powers that be…Sportsnation’s Michelle Beadle and ESPN Hockey analyst and former NHL player Matthew Barnaby have been dating for six months and have informed their bosses. My sources uncovered the love affair on Twitter…Beadle is a rising star on the network and Barnaby is much easier to listen to than Barry Melrose…Let’s see how long this interoffice love fest lasts…Working for ESPN is supposedly like being in a cult, so I’m sure if the head honchos want it to end, it will be over.  -TO

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