ESPN Instructed Not to Talk About Gloria James Rumor

July 1, 2010 at 6:14 pm by Terez in Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron James

Oops..I wasn't supposed to talk about that Terez..

Colin Cowherd went on the air yesterday and referenced a story, that I, TO, broke..It has been covered by several media outlets over the past several months..pretty much everyone, except of course ESPN..The rumor in question is that Gloria James was caught ‘hanging’ out with LeBron’s teammate Delonte West the evening of his MVP party..ESPN  instructed all of their employees not to speak of the Gloria James Delonte West rumor..Apparently, according to ESPN’s Colin Cowerd, the whole Lebron’s mother situation has possibly influenced his decision on where to play basketball this upcoming season,  and that as a favor to LeBron, the New York Post decided not to run the you may recall, LeBron’s lawyer had sent me a cease and desist trying to squash the story early on..pretty gotta listen to you tell me if there’s a cover up going on..To hear the Interview Continue Reading. -TO

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