Erin Andrews with Coach Chuck Pagano and Andrew Luck

  • Dee A

    I will say I always give you a hard time about the comments under the picture as it always seems your taking the easy way out! This was refreshing that you didn’t take a shot this time so “Thank you!” Erin Andrews interview with the Coach was so great & showed his fight for his life! Think she made it so real&loved her including her Dad Steve in her story!

  • Woody

    This was Coach Pagano’s story, not Erin and her dad’s. Making herself part of the story just shows how unprofessional she is. That’s the first thing you’re taught not to do as a journalist. But Erin isn’t happy unless she’s making it all about her.

    • Dee A

      Think your wrong! She isn’t always making it about her but you sound like someone that doesn’t like her in the first place! Don’t think Coach had a problem with her at all! Both men had cancer &have two daughters which made it all seem more human! Both beat it which is wonderful in itself; and the more connections make it come together which may help more people. Think this interview is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time!