Erin Andrews Spotted in Darren’s Dance Grooves

Learn the dance moves of your favorite artists! Featuring Darrin Henson, choreographer to the stars. Of course, Erin Andrews will also be there to show you a few moves. One of our readers tipped us off to Erin appearing in this infomercial back in the day. You can see her at the :45 mark. That’s definitely her voice. This goes to show you, she’s always sought out fame.-TO

Erin Andrews Hearts Super Bowl

Erin Andrews Has a Fathead?

  • Dee A

    This was 1st shown when Erin was on DWTS! It also has been shown every few months since then so nothing new.(few weeks ago posted again) Who are you to talk about she always sought out fame as you use every body for your short comments? Plus she was a young college student enjoying herself. Nothing wrong with appearing in commercials,award shows,or her own show! Though you sound envious every time you take a shot at her!
    Are you a TMZ want to be? Take you serious when I see some hard hitting journalism!

    • CaptainHoLeeFuk

      psycho lol

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