Erin Andrews Replacement Samantha Steele Dating Major Leaguer?

July 20, 2012 at 8:08 am by Terez in Cincinatti Reds, Drew Stubbs, Samantha Steele

It was love at first interview T...

It appears Erin Andrews replacement Samantha Steele is playing by her own rules — The Mothership usually bans/frowns upon its employees fraternizing with athletes. We received this scoop about Steele’s new Major League boyfriend. “Samantha Steele is dating Drew Stubbs of the Cincinnati Reds. She reads the entire time during games and never pays attention, so who knows why the hell she’s dating him. Everyone in the front offices calls her barbie….it is quite funny” says our Bristol insider…I’m sure ESPN will put the kibosh on this soon enough.-TO

ESPN Replaces Erin Andrews with Samantha Steele

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