Erin Andrews Drops Rumors of Michelle Beadle Having Sex with Clay Matthews

We both struck out with Michelle T...

ESPN employee Michelle Beadle is being accused of having sex with Packers linebacker Clay Matthews the week of the ESPYs…ESPN caught wind from certain sources that claim Beadle got so hammered that at one point, she put the moves on Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers supposedly nixed the idea, so then she moved on to have sex with Clay Matthews instead….Beadle responded:  “That’s insane,” Beadle said. “I live a much more interesting life in other people’s minds.” The person who allegedly snitched to ESPN was Erin Andrews according to our source…She reportedly was super jealous of Michelle stealing her guys…The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous, we saw Beadle the night of the alleged incident, and she was super nice and in complete control…We also saw Clay Matthews, and let me tell you everybody was talking to everybody…Here’s some video of Clay and Beadle walking together that night, which no doubt proves they were indeed walking together…I think Beadle can do what and whoever she wants…and we all know Erin Andrews doesn’t like when the spotlight shines on someone else… -TO

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