Erin Andrews Calls Out Gender Double Standard

This is my angry face T...

This is my angry face T…

Earlier this week, Fox sideline reporter Erin Andrews caused a stir when she appeared on the cover of Health magazine. The 36-year-old broadcaster showed off her stomach and spoke about her workout routine, a common practice for celebrities and media figures. During a sit down with HuffPost Live, EA pointed out that guys care about their own looks just as much as she does. “It’s funny when you post that and people are like, ‘Well, that’s hard-hitting journalism,'” Andrews said on HuffPost Live. “Uh, my mentor and a guy I look up to in the industry, Michael Strahan, he was on the cover of a men’s health magazine, Men’s Fitness.” “[On] the Fox NFL pregame show, [the male broadcasters] are dressed to the nines. Their stylists, who I’m very good friends with, dress them very well, and no one says anything about that.” “That kind of stuff used to upset me, and I think I used to hold back. Now I embrace it. It’s awesome. The boys are doing it, why can’t I do it?” she added. “What’s wrong with showing that you’re a woman who takes care of her body and works out and likes to dress up and wear lip gloss? And hey, she can hang with the boys.” Cry me a river, she knows exactly how to sell herself.-TO




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