Erin Andrews’ Ass is always on the Line

Just doing a scheduled sweep T...

Just doing a scheduled sweep T…

Fox Sideline reporter Erin Andrews is always doing something that causes a stir. She’s the Queen of seeking out attention, and even when she’s not, she still somehow manages to get it. An Eagles event staffer was caught staring at the sideline reporter. Our source tell us Erin has seen the pic, and is actually flattered. Chalk this one up to no harm no foul.-TO

Erin Andrews Can Spot a Creeper

Erin Andrews Hits a GQ party

  • Dee Harrison

    Gee she isn’t always “out” for attention! Most of the items (yours included) put out is from her own(not company she works for)twitter,instagram&even FB! If you don’t want to give attention then stop writing & posting her pictures as I feel like “you” are using her to make your articles or one line statement! People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

  • matt

    What a wonderful ass it is

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