Erin Andrews Ass and Her ASSistant

I'm a sideline groupie T...

I’m a sideline groupie T…

Here’s a real nice picture of Fox Sports sideline reporter Erin Andrews & her assistant on the sidelines at the Kansas City Chiefs/New York Giants game yesterday. Her assistant has an ass on her though. Erin knows exactly how to make herself standout.To SEE MORE PICS continue reading.-TO

Erin Andrews Loves Men in Uniform

Jared from Subway interview Erin Andrews

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  • Dee A

    Think it’s called doing her job! Rude to comment on either of their looks. The assistant got to shadow EA for the day &was very excited about it! However we are still waiting for you to write to write a story with meaning instead of being a bully!

    • TerezFan

      What are you an Erin Andrews stalker? Or Erin herself? You’re on every article about her on this site playing her defender.

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