Erin Andrews Always Thirsty for More

 I Troll so Hard T...

I Troll so Hard T…

Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews pretends not to love all the negative attention she receives. Here’s a perfect example of how she flat out loves any attention. Erin Andrews pathetically trying to get herself included in Jimmy Kimmmel’s Mean Tweets. Now you tell me why she would put that out there.-TO

  • Dee A

    Why not?She knew you needed something to write! Think she is tired of being attacked as this is a strange guy &she gets some even worse. It can be scarey in that she doesn’t know if they are harmless or have a mind to hurt her! 1st time it was a video stalker &with death threats &bodily harm who knows what could happen. As for Jimmy they are friends so maybe he asked her to send one to him that was bad! You never know but you don’t bother to find out just attack to have something to post. As far as “troll” she doesn’t have to do that at all. Write her name even without the @ is goes to her so trolling not involved!

    • RC

      It only shows up without the @ if she searches her own name which she does constantly. Learn how to use Twitter before you post.

  • Donna

    Dee is either Erin Andrews or her PR staff. No matter what

  • Donna

    gets posted here about Erin she’s there like some kind of psycho stalker defending her.

  • Casper

    Total attention whore. I feel bad for whatever dude is stupid enough to marry her.

  • Loser Basher

    Dear RC (aka GaGirl aka NancySSG),
    When you type Erin’s whole name, even w/o the @, it shows up on her timeline. You are the one who needs to learn how Twitter works. Also, whenever someone sticks up for Erin, you say that they are her or her PR team. That is really getting old. You are one person who comments over and over using different names. That makes you the biggest loser ever!!!!!!!!!!

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