Elin Nordegren Approves of Tiger’s and Lindsey’s Relationship

Practice makes perfect T...

Practice makes perfect T…

Tiger Woods‘ relationship with girlfriend Lindsey Vonn has been approved by Tiger’s ex-wife Elin Nordegren. According to the New York Post, the Swedish nanny Nordegren “really likes Lindsey and thinks she is a very good influence on Tiger.” Elin famously dumped Tiger after his affairs with dozens of women were revealed. Sources tell us the former model believes her ex “seems happy with Lindsey, and she gets on well with their children.” Who cares who’s happy with who, we need Tiger to win another Major.-TO

Lindsey Vonn Stands on Tiger’s Dock

Tiger’s Ex Hates Lindsey Vonn’s Ass

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    Good that Elin and Tiger are happy. I can´t belive that Elin is dating
    this older gay, I have to se a picture of them together before I belive

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