Dwyane Wade is the one Cheating on his Girlfriend?

I trust Dwyane completely T…

Earlier this week an article appeared in the Miami Herald claiming someone on the Heat was spotted cheating on their significant other — Whispers around town pointed all fingers towards one of the Miami Heat’s Big Three. We received a scoop confirming the player in question is in fact Dwyane Wade — “Dwyane and Gabrielle are committed to one another, but Dwyane is mostly focused on his kids at this point, and doesn’t necessarily believe in marriage after how miserable his last one ended up. Dwyane finds it difficult with her busy work schedule to be completely monogamous” said our source. I’m not sure if this one is legit, but lately on the court, the Way of Wade has been a little off. You figure something must be going on besides injuries to make Wade look flat out pedestrian.-TO

Heat Player Cheating on Their Significant Other?

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