Dwight Howard Shows No Love To STAYDWIGHT FOUNDER

I'm just trying to make a difference T..

StayDwight.com was a grass roots movement to keep Orlando Magic Center Dwight Howard in O-Town for the foreseeable future…Everyone in Magic country is super worried Dwight is going to pull a SHAQ, and skip town as soon as he can…Enter one Ryan Totka, the Orlando native just wanted to let Dwight know how much he means to the city, so he’s done all he can to try to rally the community to support Dwight and support Dwight’s D12 foundation..Here’s what Ryan has to say, “I spent over $10,000 of my personal money on an interactive website, multiple billboards, t-shirts, banners, signs, stickers, guerrilla suits running around at games, a Dwight Tube statue, let alone the hundreds of hours I spent on this campaign. I mention on Twitter to Dwight multiple times that I would personally donate $1,000 to his D12 Foundation for a retweet, but that never happened. I never asked for anything during this campaign, but a simple personal “Thank You” would have been nice! Is this because in his mind, he knows he’s gone from Orlando next year? Never the less, it doesn’t hurt to say “Thank you” to someone who does everything in their power to rally a community and raise money for your worthy cause!” To read the entire Document click here. TO

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