Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson Have Crazy Stalkers

We're going to have to beef up security T..

Chicago Bulls teammates Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson are both having babies soon. The two NBA players could end up doing double baby showers, but instead of celebrating, they must be cautious moving forward. Our source tells us, “This is the moment when they should be having the time of their lives, but can’t  because they have both have stalkers — Tenille (Taj’s stalker) & Dona (Derrick’s crazy stalker) who also happen to be best friends, keep harassing poor Lexx and Mieka, who are the baby mamas –  They play on their phones, Twitters, Facebook and threaten to kill themselves if Mieka and Lexx have the the Bulls stars babies. At times their behavior is scary.” There’s always a price to pay for fame. Might be time for restraining orders. -TO

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