Deadspin Confirms How Much it Paid For Favre Pics

This is the guy who haggled for my pics T?

Yesterday I reported the amount Deadspin supposedly paid for the now infamous Brett Favre pics and voicemails..My initial report had the selling price close to 75K..which now I’m being told was simply the starting point of the negotiations..Editor in Chief of, A.J. Daulerio, has confirmed with me via email, that his website paid less than $20,000..A.J. wrote in a very bragadocious email..”$75k is not even close. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Try less than $20k” said Daulerio…I kindly emailed A.J. back asking him to reveal the seller, and how they acquired the voicemails and pics…Still waiting for a response on those burning questions..and here’s a few more..Why did Jenn Sterger save the voice messages if she didn’t intend on using them for personal gain? Here’s one do you put a price tag on possibly ruining someone’s marriage and legacy?-TO

Jenn Sterger Getting Fired From Job At Versus ?

Playboy Reaches Out to Jenn Sterger

  • Satan

    Really, T? You’re taking the “poor Brett” approach? Brett and Brett alone is responsible for ruining his marriage and legacy. If he’d been calling his wife instead of this ho and keeping his tiny pecker in his pants he wouldn’t have these problems. Mu-wahahahaha!

  • David de Medicis

    “Why did Jenn Sterger save the voice messages if she didn’t intend on using them for personal gain? Here’s one do you put a price tag on possibly ruining someone’s marriage and legacy?-TO”

    What that guy said…Really TO? (whoever you are, pimping Terrell Owens name). Jenn Sterger didn’t do sh*t. Favre ruined his own marriage and legacy. It’s probably in Brett’s wife best interest to know he’s a scumbag so she can divorce him now instead of later when he does it again. You’re such a douche fake TO.

  • Vic

    I remember a Brett Favre that once said “screw my legacy” to the Packers. He wasn’t so concerned about it then. He better not start now.

  • Joe

    Tiger could use a lesson on trading up. Tiger traded down. If you are going to do it, Tiger take note, this is how it is done.

  • Pierre

    Who’s to say Bret’s wife’s never cheated on him? Who’s to say Brets even guilty at this point? Who’s to say someone didnt just make all this shit up? Innocent till proven guilty! Now if Brets guilty,oh boy his wife will clean him!

  • http://none charles

    i guess you could say brett got caught with his pants down, it must be soft for him to be in the showers after the game knowing all his kid remarks where pionted at him. to bad brett, what a way to put a stamp on your,whatever, i am sure he will be taking his showers before the real men show up….

  • Stan

    I read these articles, only to try to figure out what the big deal is. Even if Favre DID do everything he’s accused of, I don’t see how it can be called sexual harrassment. I also don’t think it’s any of our business. While the subject was being discussed on NFL Network last weekend, Deion Sanders kept shaking his head from side to side, saying, “It’s personal. It’s PERSONAL!” He’s right. It’s between Favre and his wife, if it’s for real, and between Favre and Sterger, if it’s for real. and if she wants to sue him. If it IS true, I can’t believe she (or her attorney) wasn’t smart enough to go to Favre’s attorney and say: “We have these pictures and voicemails, which are going to the highest bidder. Care to make an offer?” Sterger would have millions of dollars in the bank, instead of an unknown person selling the pics and voicemails for something like $50K. In any event, I’m done reading this cr@p. Favre didn’t have a mistress or cheat on his wife…end of story. He may or may not have tried to play around, but it didn’t work. So forget is and let’s play some football, guys!!

  • Dakkhon

    cmon folks this is nothing more then Brett making a terrible choice if its all true and a whore who intedns on making her money and getting her 15 minutes. Thats it. Regardless if you like or hate him there is a family that will be in trouble. This chic will be gone in a month after he retires and is out of the lime light. There are a lot of women who just want to get these guys to ruin their lives on purpose and plenty of guys who make these poor choices thinking they can get away. Still againFarve will take a big hit with his family which has no price tag and this biatch cares nothing about helping to ruin that. No remorse. So in closing Farve shame on you if all this comes to light as being true whatever it may be and this pos woman whose looks will fade with time and all she will have left is her whorish ways and some smuck of a boyfriend or husband who will always be second in her life. Who would want to touch her now anyways. Good grief people!!!

  • Roj

    The Trolls are out in force. They smell like stink’n Wisconsin cheese!

  • http://N/A Jim Bo

    There’s just one thing buggin me.Did she ever tell him to stop doing it ? It couldn’t have bothered her all that much if she didn’t tell him to stop.And let me get this right,she had photos of Brett Favre yankin his noodle,showed them to pretty much everyone she knew and thought the story would never become an issue.Yeah right !Now I’m no lawyer or a PR agent. But I’m sure I could’ve gotten a hell of alot more than 20 K for those pictures.I do feel bad for his wife she’s been thru alot.And after seeing the photos I feel even worse for her.(sorry I couldnt help throwin that in)

  • tina

    ya know…I agree that if those girls saved those txt, vms and pics, it is all for personal gain. Im not your typical woman, if Brett sent me those txts, I would have called him and said hey, whatcha wanna do?
    I dont get why it always takes years for these women to come forward about stuff like this, if it bothered you so much SAY SOMETHING WHEN IT HAPPENS.

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