Dale Earnhardt Jr. steals Kentucky Football Coach’s Wife

April 28, 2010 at 8:59 am by Terez in Dale Earnhardt Jr., Nascar, Tommy Cook, University of Kentucky

Terez, how could I not try and steal her away..

Terez, If Amy sits in the back..no one suspects a thing..

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has sped away with another man’s wife..According to the Enquirer, Dale Jr. got involved with interior decorator Amy Reimann, and broke up her marriage to Kentucky Defensive line  coach Tommy Cook..Dale Earnhardt stole my wife!” Amy’s ex-husband Tommy Cook  told a pal..and if you don’t believe the Enquirer, Cook’s father had this to say..“My son’s not talking about this. No one in the family is. “All I can say is your story’s true.” I wouldn’t put it past Dale..but did Dale steal the Wife, or did Cook lose her? Either way, she’s a smoke show..Dale is one lucky dude.  -TO

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