Colin Kaepernick must be dating two track stars?

I have a need for speed T...

I have a need for speed T…

Colin Kaepernick might just be the fastest QB in the league, so it comes as no surprise he likes his girls fast. Here’s a tip we received: “I’m not sure what Colin is doing, but I know for a fact track star Monica Hargrove was at the Titans/49ers game with Colin. Her manager posted pics of Monica and Colin out to dinner on his Instagram after the game. I did a little google digging and found out they’ve actually been kicking it for a while. He did some training with her during the off season in Atlanta. I contacted some of my Atlanta peeps for the tea and they said it was reported that they went on several dates including movies dates and romantic dinners…What’s his deal with track girls?” Colin had a rough start to the season but now it appears he and his 49ers are back on ‘track’.-TO

  • Tony

    This nigga is a hoe

  • Joan

    None of these are his girl. They need to stop sending in these dumb ass stories you terez. Sydney, micha, and now monica the world is just laughing at you. Trying to claim a guy who don’t claim no one and never has.

    • Resonance

      He’s an amazing guy! Male artists in the entertainment industry trust this guy with their girlfriends. Just because people take photos and talk, that doesn’t mean they’re screwing.

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