Colin Kaepernick Got Him A Little Bootleg Rihanna

I'm all up on Kaep's couch T

I’m all up on Kaep’s couch T

San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick is taking full advantage of being an NFL star on Instagram. Rumor has it he’s putting up early Wilt type numbers. The latest victim is singer Teyana Taylor. Here’s the scoop we received, “Teyana Taylor flew out to San Jose to meet up w/ Colin at his dentist office. Later she posts pics laying on his exact couch as you can see in the picture above. He had been previously flirty with Taylor on Instagram.  Needless to say, this guy is a total hoe.  He meets women online just to smash and on to the next.” Big, tall, fat, and small, Colin Kaepernick will smash them all.-TO

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  • Tree

    It’s seems like a new one every week for him. When the niners going to their qb back? He been playing like shit

  • kathy

    Colin Kaepernick doesn’t get a new lady every week and he doesn’t meet girl’s online hook up with them smash them break up with them and find a new lady to date he is not like that he is a nice gentle man. Colin doesn’t play like shit as a quarterback he is a good and hot quarterback . Owens you always played like shit when you use to play football oh I forgot that’s why you don’t play football anymore because you played like shit and you sucked.

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