Cleveland Cavaliers J.J. Hickson Bounces Another Check

June 6, 2010 at 9:26 am by Terez in Cleveland Cavaliers, J.J. Hickson

Terez, I don't manage money very well..

J.J.'s 4th check he's bounced this year..

The $10,000 Italian Donghia Dining Room Table J.J. used as an ironing board

Cleveland Cavs 2nd year guard J.J. Hickson is in trouble over several checks he’s bounced to his landlord. Previously J.J.’s landlord sent me a copy of his insufficient funds check and I posted it hoping the multi-millionaire would do the right thing and pay his back rent..a couple weeks after I posted the story, J.J. actually cut another check..but this one bounced as well..Here’s an exclusive email from J.J’s landlord….”Terez, is it news if J.J. Hickson replaces the bad check and late fees he owed previously with a new bad check?  i guess shame on me for being dumb enough to accept it.  So he owed $3500 plus $1200 in late fees totaling $4700.   He paid $2000 in cash and wrote me a check for $2700 out of a different account.   Said not to worry the check is good.   The result?  NSF.  Thats four bad checks this year.  Isn’t writing a bad check a crime? Is it news if J.J. uses a $10,000 Italian Donghia dining room table for an ironing board?  It was surely a nice touch that he left me the iron right there on  the table which I noticed last night when I changed the locks.  The table is wasted.” I thought J.J. turned a new leaf when he paid up..but J.J. averages more bounced checks than points per game..Time to make things right J.J. have no excuse not to pay your rent..especially with your salary..and what’s with ironing on a table that doesn’t belong to you..pretty classless..Do the right thing J.J…-TO

Exclusive: Cleveland Cavaliers J.J. Hickson Doesn’t Pay His Rent

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