Clay Matthews Keeping Busy with his Girlfriend

It's still on the DL T...

It’s still on the DL T…

The Green Bay Packers have made the Playoffs, but unfortunately they’ll have to play without Defensive star Clay Matthews. He’ll be keeping busy though. Here’s the tip we receved: “Kristi (Clay’s girlfriend) was seen leaving Clay’s Condo yesterday in Green Bay by multiple friends of mine. From what I’ve gathered from people that follow her, she is posting pictures from a vacation she took last week in FLorida to make it seem like she is still there and not in Green Bay. It makes sense since he just had surgery on his thumb” Nowadays it’s pretty hard to stay under the radar.-TO

  • yuphrane

    No, they are not dating. She is a 2nd grade teacher at Stevenson Elementary school in Bloomington, IL and told the local paper she was only at the same game you were at and doesn’t even know how this rumor got started. Once again, media reporting garbage vs. fact.

  • guest

    Sounds more like a jealous older girlfriend aka Casey Noble leaked this story.

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