Chris Paul Fake Good guy?

I won’t hear any of this T…

Chris Paul appears to be a model citizen, so I’ll address this rumor with a grain of salt. Here’s the scoop, “My homegirl went to Houston with a few of her friends and Chris Paul was with a latino looking girl and making out with her IN PUBLIC! I know all athletes cheat, but damn in public. Anyways my homegirl being nosy like she is, befriends the girl who turns out to be only 18 years old, and she says shes been seeing CP3 for 9 months. When my girl asked why he wasnt with his wife s,he said he told his wife to go celebrate her birthday this all star instead of hanging around him. He left his son with his brother and sister in law somewhere in H-Town while they kicked it” I’m having trouble getting behind this rumor, CP3 seems like too good of a guy.-TO

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