Checkout Carolina Panthers Running Back Christian McCaffrey’s Girlfriend

July 15, 2017 at 6:14 pm by Terez in Christian McCaffrey

This comes to us via our Tip Box. “Im sending this in for all the girls who are wondering if football stud Christian McCaffrey (8th pick in draft, Panther’s running back) has a girlfriend. Everyone on the Internet knew about Christian and his beautiful ex Marybeth Sant who ran track at Oregon. After Marybeth and Christian broke up around May 2015, he started talking/dating A girl who Coincidentally was close friends with his ex girlfriend(can you say tea). Her name is Brooke Pettet, alumni of Arizona State University and Denver native. While Brooke is more than proud to draw attention to herself by commenting on his pics & showing off her boyfriend, Christian might be a private guy and has been mum on his relationship on social media and even not confirming it on interviews. Judging by her posts, I’m sure they are a happy couple. Lets watch and see if this relationship is still strong a few months-a year after Christian is in the league (which isn’t the case for majority) or if the girls will have already stolen him from her because let’s be honest Christian can have any girl he wants” Checkout more of this couple below, I know I’ll be drafting McCaffrey early in my fantasy football draft.-TO