Carrie Underwood Hates That People Call Mike Fisher ‘Mr. Underwood’

Underwood, party of two T…

Former American Idol Carrie Underwood opens up about how bad she feels that people refer to her NHL husband as “Mr. Underwood” after the NHL star was traded from his longtime team in the February 2013 issue of Allure.  “It made me feel awful,” she admits. “Somebody works real hard to make a name for themselves, a respectable name, and then it’s Mr. Underwood…” “He was drafted there, and that was the only team he had ever played for. He would have played and he wanted to play for Ottawa for his whole career. He had no say in any of it.” Still, she admits, “I love it that he’s here.” Well, that’s what happens when you mysteriously get traded to Nashville. How convenient for Carrie.-TO

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