Carrie Underwood Cheating on Mike Fisher

October 17, 2010 at 9:06 am by Terez in Mike Fisher, Ottawa Senators

Oh Mike doesn't care T...

Mike fisher is the Ottawa Senators alternate captain..He’s known for his grittiness and two-way play..Now he might be known for getting cheated on..I just recieved word that Fisher’s wife Carrie Underwood is cheating on him…My source tells me…”I have heard from two people that I trust, that Carrie is cheating on Mike. Those people are working the Play On tour and they say that Carrie definitely cheated on Mike during the Spring when she was engaged to be married. They also think that Carrie might still be cheating on Mike. They aren’t 100% sure, but they have their suspicions because of they way that Carrie acts around this guy. When she is around him, Carrie acts very flirty with him and seems really smitten by him. I won’t reveal the guys name, but he is in Carrie’s band. He is also married and is a father. I believe that “inside” Carrie fans probably know who I’m talking about.” It’s hard to believe a nice looking person like Carrie could do that..but looks can be deceiving sometimes..Where there’s smoke, there’s fire..-TO

Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood Honeymooning

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