• demetrius king

    how can you mock anyone caroline wozniacki. i took that very personal as serena williams fan shes a great competior and get tennis player one of the all times greatest what you need to do catch up in titles because she has earned her place in history,you do so stop making fun if people abd pay attention to your game you could use some lessons fri-om serena.

  • hiveship

    Serena will imitate Caroline in her next few matches and lose!

  • http://www.terezowens.com Ora Reed

    I thought that Caroline was a true professional. I was wrong. Kids black and white will watch you make a fool of yourself. I was not amused; this display was in extremely poor taste and shows once again the problems we still have in this world.You don’t deserve to be #1.

  • jblaze

    They calling it bullying or haysing. This is not funny nor amusing. If professional tennis allows this and does not fine or have a measure, a sad day.

    Im glad she found it funny to mock and belittle someone for their god gven body. If you spent more time training than this hogwash, you would be a true #1 and not a washout luck driven jock.

  • Tom

    Get over it. Caroline was just having fun and if anyone needs to lighten up its Serena Williams. A great player, yes, but Serena has a horrible on court attitude that deserves more than mocked and chump change fines. Suspensions are long over due for Williams. What Caroline did was remarkably mild. Like Djokovic mimicing Maria Sharapova, no malice, just fun. If Serena or her fans are “offended” they need to simply grow up.

  • Patrick Dennis

    Right on Tom, lighten up tennis fans. The Williams sisters are very talented but don’t always act professional.

    • http://www.facebook.com/a.b.brewer1 A Badtothebone Brewer

      john mcEnroe

  • cowbulls

    Serena is a jerk and deserves all the abuse she receives.

  • Beverly

    Are you kidding me? #1 and can’t win a Major? Clowning around is for Clowns after all and she is the biggest one since Anna K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a JOKE!

  • Jeremy

    Serena threatened to kill a linesperson so everyone criticizing someone for professionalism is clueless. Serena is a thug with talent nothing more nothing less.

  • bjorn6

    Serena and Caroline are friends. Serena has a sense of humor.

  • Andre

    Caroline is a hot mess. Learn to win big tournaments instead of the little ones.

  • Nassim

    It does not surprise me that Caroline would do this to get attention, winning grand slams is obviously too much for her and she needs to take attention away from this. Pls grow up, concentrate and win even one slam to justify your No. 1 position.

  • Cause and Effect

    Those who can do! Those who can’t imitate the best!

  • Randy M

    I love Caroline to death, but this is just bizarre. I agree Serena fans need to take this with a grain of salt and try not to be offended, but this is very strange behavior. It isn’t funny, it isn’t malicious, just stupid. I can’t blame Serena fans for scratching their heads on this one. Whatev. Let’s move on.

  • Mario

    Carolyn ought to be fined for this, as it is tasteless mocking is absolutely not suitable for tennis professionals on court before the public.


  • Denise

    It it all started with Djokovitz (sp?) and now maybe it’s The Thing to imitate each other? Personally, I’d rather imitate Serena’s wins!

  • Bill Cord

    I am not a Serena Williams fan but what is the point of this along with recent dance routine at another tennis match?

    Perhaps this is the wrong assessment but it seems that since dropping her father as coach, her behavior has become outlandish.

  • andre

    Please everybody don’t waste your time on this.. Its just Caroline being a complete moron because she cant win anything but those small tournaments and her ugly bf Rory she got.. She is just a waste of time and body. Please just ignored this and her childish behavior. She needs attention to make up for a stupid game.

  • Peter Wells

    This is very immature, and shows a pathetic complex feeling that she has… Can someone remind how many Grand slam each have won… can’t believe something like this is not questioned for non sportsmanship and odd behaviour, especially personal / physical mockery…

  • Susan

    I can barely stand Caroline as it is but this is beyond rude. Worse then last summer and her making fun of Nadals cramping at a press conference. I can’t wait for her to lose her #1 ranking, pretty sure it will be this year. There has never been a #1 player so disliked as this one.

  • kathryn garcia

    Caroline, you make yourself a fool. Black and talented is Serena , you have a long way to go
    try winning a gland slam before your even open your mouth and try to remain professional. Class is class, form is temporary.
    Be yourself.

  • fantastic honeybee

    Please tell her to win one grandslam title then she can mock other people. No one in the tennis world can compare her to Serena. Here is a girl who does not know her place

  • Ekaette

    Who suppose to make fool of who. 13 Grand slams to Serena zero to Wozniacki. Your focus now is how to think of winning one instead of making jest of people. Serena is no match to Caroline, that is a fact everyone knows, She is the greatest player that ever lived in wta. More grease to yr elbow Serena. Caroline go to hell.

  • DAMN

    Some of you need to relax. It’s simply just a joke. They are good friends.

  • Eric Neil

    Hard to believe anyone can get so worked up over a little bit of fun. Wozniaki pokes a little fun, while Serena threatens officials with GBH – get some perspective Serena fans.

  • Eric Neil

    Hard to believe anyone can get so worked up over a little bit of fun. Wozniaki pokes a little fun, while Serena threatens officials with GBH – get some perspective Serena fans. Grand slams don’t buy class.

    • strangefight

      why should we always get over it when a white person is the perpetrator. but had serena done that it would be an outrage

  • jovis

    ooh, i am very sorry 4 wozniaki because as each day pass ,her tennis diminishes and she is still a young tennis play.too bad 4 her.her being #1 is still wired to me.
    come on serena u are the best.

  • Bruce E

    I’ve been watching the Williams sisters for over a decade and they have always been extremely erragant with poor sportsmanship. The fines were a joke and should’ve been ten times the amount. I rejoice the days when unprofessional players like them retire…I just hope they never commentate.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003468188203 Chapeando Bajito

      Caroline has something in her head that says her:Don’t worry white people always can make everyting they want…

  • dwayne belton

    poor foolish piece of garbage wishing that she had a womans’ body og her own!

  • Fudd

    Damn the strange behavior. It’s flat out disrespectful. Why single out Serena Williams? Because she is a better athlete than her? Because you are jealous of her overall success? This mocking of Serena should be taken seriously by the league and I strongly feel they should take actions upon her for planning and going through with the skit during an official league match. Either that or open the flood gates for all and any racial jokes. Maybe Serena should dress up too and then let’s see how it’s taken. I bet repercussions would b enforced then

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