Carl Pavano Has A Gay Lover Trying to Extort Him

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Here’s a real doozy.  Allegedly MLB Pitcher Carl Pavano has been the victim of an extortion attempt involving someone who described himself as Pavano’s former gay lover. Here’s the scoop via Gossip Extra: “A former high school classmate of Pavano in Connecticut, where the married Twins’ opening day pitcher grew up, is accused of trying to have Pavano buy him a blue Range Rover SUV with tan interior in exchange for his silence. Christian Bedard, 36, who’s openly gay, claims a three-year thryst with the MLB star! Cops raided Bedard’s house March 21, according to new reports, and seized a laptop and pages from a manuscript that Bedard’s writing. No charges have been filed.” The guy just got married — His new wife must be thrilled about his gay skeletons in the closet.-TO

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