Cam Newton’s Girl was a stripper

She’s a what T?

Carolina Panthers star QB Cam Newton’s new girlfriend Hazel has quite the past. According to our tipster, Hazel use to be a stripper at the DC gentleman’s club STADIUM. “Her name is Hazel, she was a stripper at Stadium DC.I gather she is no longer a stripper. She is now a “vixen” or “party host”” said our source. No clue if Cam knows about her past, but I doubt he would care. To See the Video continue reading.-TO

Larry Bird’s Daughter Hook up with Cam Newton?

  • TheBestOne

    Y’all we awfully kind to her, the truth will come out though. And he’ll look bad.

  • LadyLike

    I read on a site that she was also a prostitute who was
    pimped out by her baby daddy. Those tattoos are covering up stretch marks on her stomach. You can see it close up on her video. She has a daughter. Cam Newton couldn’t do better?

  • MattB

    Actually had a little respect for this guy until I saw this. All my boys laughin at this dude cause most my dudes “know” this chick in DC. Tattoos covering up stretch marks is not a good look and her butt too big. She look like a broke broke down old Stacy Dash. Cam must not think too much of himself.

  • Kat

    This nottttttt Cam’s girlfriend!!! Haters need to leave him ALONE!!!!!

  • Mexoplex

    Im feeling a whole lot of HATE coming from people who dont matter. Get over yourselves.

  • geo

    when you hear a girl is a stripper, run the other way,or just burn your money or save a little for the doctor. you’re gonna need it.

  • geo

    damn, that is one ugly tat. what is it suppose to be?

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  • Stephanie Vaughan

    Some girl in Myrtle Beach named “Ashely” said she was married to Kameron and had a son by him. OMG THE LIAR?!?

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